Who We Are

Real Legalization is an association of cannabis reform activists dedicated to fully legalizing marijuana in Washington State through the initiative process one step at a time. 

Our History

Many have been activists for years. Some have been involved in past initiatives, including 502. Some are new to activism for the first time. We must now all work together to move ahead from where we are, one step at a time until we achieve our common goals, Real Legalization for the People Of Washington. 

Our Current Work

The People were told that 502 was legalization and many voted for it without educating themselves about the details.  Unless altered by Initiative, it will be 2 years before the Legislature can alter it without a 2/3 majority vote in both halves of the Legislature AND the signature of the Governor. This has already happened with the encouragement of the 502 authors. We must now do it by initiative.

We intend to give the People the opportunity to vote in the Real Legalization they thought they were getting with 502.

Our Future

Initiatives have been filed and are in process now. Upon review, a final version will be filed and presented to the public. At the current time, we expect to have the 2014 petition ready in mid April.

Like most signature collection efforts, we will have the typical 20 signature sheets for the dedicated activists who will be present out in public, on the streets, at various events such as concerts, sporting events, gun shows, fairs, clubs, theaters and each and every imaginable venue where people gather.

We will also have available 4 signature sheets with various messages so you can do as little as just sign yourself or also have a few people sign with you. Then you must invest in a stamp to simply mail it in. Take responsibility and do not waste any time or effort returning it to the person or place you obtained your petition since it must ultimately be sent in to be counted anyway, just send it in yourself right away. Unsent signatures will not be counted and the effort collecting them will be wasted.

Print more petitions yourself by sending the PDF of your choice to your local print shop and distribute them to others supportive of the cause. The ideal handout will be  5 petitions (possibly 20 signatures). If you cannot access printing your own, simply enclose a self addressed stamped envelope and send to REAL LEGALIZATION P.O. Box 2229 Anacortes 98221 and we will send you as many petitions as the postage you put on the envelope will allow.

Thank you for your interest in further reform for Washington!