The most important position in Real Legalization is Signature Gatherer. While important, every other effort is secondary to signature gathering until we qualify the Initiative the November Ballot.


Anyone can gather signatures, but it is in the best interests of the campaign that gatherers be 18 and older unless accompanied by a parent are guardian. We will not refuse any signatures from any source, but please consider the image of the effort when collecting signatures. 

Dress appropriately for your audience. Behave in a manner that will reflect well on yourself and the campaign.


Training will be available to every volunteer that wants it. Some will be in person at meetings around the state as well as online in text and/or video form.


Volunteers set their own schedules. Our deadline to turn in to the state is in July 2013. All we ask is that you send in petitions on a regular basis so they are counted and kept safe for turn in.