How To Join

Get a petition and sign it! 

Petitions are available at meetings around the state, by mail or by printing out your own from our website on your printer or by sending the PDF to your local print shop. 

All petitions MUST be on 11X17 paper with BOTH sides on ONE sheet to be valid. 8 X 11 1/2 or other formats will be cause for possible invalidation. Make every signature count! It's your time, effort and money, so please do it correctly.


There is no charge or cost to join Real Legalization beyond what you choose to spend  or donate.


Organization meetings will be scheduled throughout the state once petitions have been printed. If you or your organization wish to have a Real Legalization informational meeting prior to that time, please contact us at and we will contact you to arrange a meeting.


College clubs, Veterans groups, Retirement homes etc, are all welcome to create sub chapters supporting Real Legalization. Real Legalization does not confer leadership roles in local areas. Leaders are elevated and recognized (or removed) by those they work with, empower and support. Productive signature gatherers will be recognized by their efforts.