Your Money

Unlike most campaigns that solicit you to send money into a central campaign to do with what they will, we believe that your money to support the campaign is best spent by you on printing, signs, handouts and other materials for use by yourselves and volunteers you empower.

Of course, if you would rather just write a check, we WILL make good and proper use of your donations to train and equip volunteers to make their efforts be the most effective. Send donations to Real Legalization PO BOX 2229 Anacortes WA 98221.

Your Time

Signature gathering will continue through July of 2013. Having a petition in your purse or pocket will give you many opportunities to engage the public and get the signatures of agreeable registered voters. An hour now and then can really make a difference. A greater commitment to spending time at public events and places such as ferry lines etc, will greatly increase your effectiveness.

Your Expertise

There are NO paid positions in the Real Legalization organization. We have great need for those with experience that will benefit our efforts such as graphic design, web development, marketing and any other discipline that will contribute to a successful effort.

Other Donations

You can imagine unconventional donations such as meeting space, event space and promotion, bands and speakers for fundraisers and public speaking and so much more. Get us some presentation time at your club or civic group to get the word out and get signatures.Tell us what you are willing to offer and we'll find a way to make use of it to help the campaign.

The People Of Washington State want Real Legalization, put it in front of them at every opportunity and make it happen!

Hosting Petitions

If you have a business or other place that people frequent, you can support Real Legalization by hosting petitions to sign and/or distribute to your customers, friends and neighbors.